About Us


MA Sports USA Inc, a prevailing name as a wireless accessory distributor has been in the industry for over 10 years providing its customers with the most popular brands, styles and products. Based in Lincolnwood Illinois, MA Sports USA Inc is committed to providing best products, brands and services to its customers. Having had success with various brand products in the wireless accessories field, MA Sports USA Inc is also a leading distributor for licensed sports team products for major brands like NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA and the NBA. We are also proud to say that “Manee” is a trademark of MA Sports USA.

MA Sports USA Inc is dedicated towards all its customers and provides competitive products and pricing for retail users and wholesale customers like retailers, small businesses owners, large wholesalers and corporate customers.

MA Sports USA Inc team believes in a mutual growth policy wherein our growth is dependent on the customer's growth. Therefore our commitment towards our customers’ requirements and satisfaction takes the highest priority ranking over all other tasks. Our goal is to create a long term relationship with our customers.